St Albans Leisure Centre

St Albans Leisure 530KL Combined OSD/RET System

26 Green Star Stormwater Credits achieve by providing a fully integrated water management system that complied to the following treatment targets

Rigofill ST-B (40t HGV Loads) 50 year design life; fully inspectable and maintainable

The St Albans Leisure Centre water sensitive urban design (WSUD) – Sustainable Management Plan, required the following stormwater quality performance targets to be met (inset table).

Through the collaboration with Enviro Australis and Fränkische, we were able to deliver an integrated water management system that complied with the treatment targets using the Enviro E60 environmental protection system.

The storage system used was the Rigofill ST-B (40t HGV loads) geocellular system, that has a 96% void structure that can store 406 litres per block. With the original design solution having an excavation footprint of 450m2, Fränkische were able to deliver the same capacity on a reduced 281m2 footprint, with our Rigofill ST-B system, saving the contractor approx 507m3 of landfill charges for this excavated material.

For easy operations and maintenance, the 530kl tank has been fitted 4 x quadro control access shafts for inspection and flushing purposes, when required.

As this is combined 400kl OSD / 130kl Retention underground storage tank system, we also had to provide a pumping station with controlled floats to trigger the 2 x dual 50l/s pumps to manage the controlled discharge during peak events. The construction company only took 1.5 days to install the light-weight full modular blocks and were totally convinced by the 4th generation technology. Additionally, neither large construction machines nor spacious storage facilities were required, on-site, since FRÄNKISCHE delivers the Rigofill ST-B modules in compact stacks.

  • 1308 Rigofill ST-B
  • Full blocks
  • 4 Quadro Control ST-B
  • Access shafts
Facts & Numbers
  • Combined OSD/RET 530kl
  • System size
    - 32m x 8.8m x 1.98m
  • Constructing the blocks 1.5 days & project was completed within 4 weeks
  • Client/Customer:
    Brimbank City Council
  • Consultant:
    WSP Consultants
  • Construction Company:
    ADCO Construction

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DWA102 Standard

Fränkische is compliant with the highest German standards for small particle removal.

Our treatment devices can ensure 80% removal of TSS in water.