Controlled Stormwater Discharge

To avoid flooding and over-running the drainage and sewer systems during peak times, the FRÄNKISCHE stormwater management systems take into consideration the best way to manage flow control of stormwater discharge.

A key principle for both dynamic and static stormwater management solutions is that the peak load must be as low as possible to prevent any disruption of the water ecosystem and avoid a water overload. It’s for this reason that capturing excessive stormwater and managing a slower rate of discharge is imperative.

When emptying storage facilities or storm sewers, the discharge rate is meant to be relatively low. A good way of controlling this discharge is with the use of a vortex valve on the discharge side to assist with flow control.

Stormwater Discharge Solutions

The vortex valve shafts developed by FRÄNKISCHE together with UFT are flow limiters designed to aid flow control by defining the discharge rate from overflow tanks, storage tanks and stormwater pipework systems to a precalculated and defined maximum discharge capacity.

Where sufficient space for storage cannot be created in existing paved areas or where infiltration is not possible, the local discharge requirements stipulate how much water can and may be discharged from the area. For new projects, sufficient storage (with or without infiltration) must always be assured.

FRÄNKISCHE has various shafts with integrated vortex valves and will be happy to discuss with you the right solution for your application.

No project is too big, so get in touch to discuss your requirements and we’ll be able to design, create and install the right solution for all your stormwater management needs.

Fränkische Flow Control Devices

Further to our OSD tanks, we also provide a shaft flow control device called RigoLimit V.

For the best RigoLimit V flow control working parameters, our system has been tested from 0.5l/s up to 80l/s, but this is directly related to the pressure height (head of water) in the tank or network.

The system can handle both, low flows and high flows.

The RigoLimit V flow control device is the first plastic throttle shaft system that generates the proven vortex flow directly within the shaft base where the shaft and throttle form one complete unit. As the system is made in a corrosion-free design it is one of the most reliable and maintenance-free flow control devices on the market.

This state-of-the-art robust technology allows designers to easily manage site discharge flow rate restrictions when modelling post-construction impervious coefficient runoff through WSUD principles or other site challenges. RigoLimit V achieves uninterrupted operations with total flexibility and the discharge rate can be adjusted at any time.

The throttle shaft is manufactured to the project needs and delivered ready-to-connect. It can easily be integrated into the drainage system on site.

controlled discharge in case of a high water level
discharge graph

Or if you needed to slow down the volume of runoff coming off a slope/hill, you can combine the storage tanks, with the throttle device in a terraced cascading arrangement and simply from a basin, as another example.

If you want to find out more about Fränkische flow control devices to help manage your stormwater discharge, don’t hesitate to get in touch and we’ll be happy to discuss your needs and see how we can help. 




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