Stormwater Detention and Retention System

In Australia, we have all witnessed the devastating effects of severe drought, followed by the worst bushfires in the world and uncharacteristic flooding across parts of the country. 

Climate change experts are predicting more of the same – greater numbers of heat waves, greater frequency of extreme rainfalls and intensity of heavy rainfalls with more prolonged periods of drought in our lifetime.

Additionally, within our urban environment, the heat island effect and heat stress in our cities is increasing. Greater surface water runoff causes localised flooding and stress on the network, and our waterways and creeks are getting polluted.

Climate change calls for a shift in our collective mindsets: thankfully, we are now seeing greater initiatives such as ‘Resilient Cities’, green roofs, permeable surfaces, passive tree irrigation systems, combined OSD tanks and Stormwater Harvesting Systems, integrated water management solutions, quality stormwater treatment devices (SQID) tackling the micropollutants and treatment train stormwater harvesting assets collecting clean water – saving millions of litres annually.

It is a good start, and we are moving in the right direction; however, there is still so much more to do. FRÄNKISCHE has been working on alleviating or tackling the problems of flooding and droughts and is ready to help you action your climate-adaptive plans on your next green infrastructure project.

The Solution to End Stormwater Flooding

By installing an underground stormwater detention/retention system, you will ensure excess runoff water can be stored without taking up any room above ground. 

Our stormwater storage system is so sturdy and discrete that trucks can drive over it and park on top of it without any idea what lays below. 

The FRÄNKISCHE Rigofill ST is an underground Modular Geocellular Stormwater Storage System with one of the highest void ratio systems on the market at 96%. 

The stormwater storage system is used for:  

  1. Infiltration (soakaways) and Detention (slowed release of stormwaters)
  2. Retention or storage of treated water (stormwater harvesting) 

With two stormwater detention/retention system options available, Rigofill ST and Rigofill ST-B, the FRÄNKISCHE systems offer consultants a reliable, robust, versatile, maintenance-friendly 4th generation of stormwater storage systems, which represent real advances and innovation for the Australian market.

Rigofill ST and ST-B stormwater storage systems are extremely strong and have been designed to handle loads of HGV60/ 60t (green module ST) and HGV30/ 30t (black module ST-B) per m2 with a minimum design life of 60 years.

Rigofill ST & Rigofill ST-B


With over 5,000 employees in 22 locations worldwide, FRÄNKISCHE is a family-owned company founded in Germany that has been innovating in the field of stormwater management for more than 25 years.

In the treatment of stormwater, we excel in fine particle removal, which means our stormwater detention/retention systems last longer due to our design principles of capturing and treating pollutants before they enter the storage system. 

With very small particles removed, stormwater harvesting is more effective, allowing the water to be recycled and distributed to the landscape, parklands and trees as needed. 

OSD tank camera

Our state-of-the-art stormwater systems are easy to clean if necessary. The system is easily accessible and inspectable inside the storage tanks for flushing and camera access purposes, and we use recycled plastic because we genuinely care about the environment and our long-term impact.

If you want to work with the best company in stormwater drainage and urban stormwater management, then get in touch, and we’ll be happy to discuss in detail which type of stormwater detention/ retention/ infiltration system would be best for your needs!



We are very proud to announce the Engineering Excellence Award presented by IPWEA Victoria to the Yarra City Council for their forward-thinking Stormwater Harvesting Scheme at Edinburgh Gardens supported by City West Water and in conjunction with FRÄNKISCHE.

The $1.6 million stage 2 upgrade to the Edinburgh Gardens Stormwater Harvesting Scheme was completed in 2020 and was part of the City of Yarra’s Integrated Water Management Plan (2020) which included the installation of a 1ML underground storage system using our Rigofill ST-B geocellular blocks, as well as upgrades to the existing drainage system.

The objective of the project was to further improve stormwater runoff quality and provide alternative water sources for the irrigation of Edinburgh Gardens, reducing the reliance on potable water supplies.

FRÄNKISCHE was instrumental in delivering on the vision created by the City of Yarra Council and we commend them for their action in improving their environment.



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