Stormwater Detention System

Rigofill ST is an underground Modular Geocellular Stormwater Storage System, (With one of the highest void ratio 96% systems on the market) used for Infiltration (soakaways), Retention/Attenuation (Stormwater Harvesting) storage tank applications.

The Rigofill ST and Rigofill ST-B stormwater storage systems offer consultants a reliable, robust, versatile, maintenance friendly 4th generation stormwater storage system, which represent real advances and innovation for the Australian Market.

Rigofill ST and ST-B stormwater storage systems are extremely strong and have been designed to handle loads of HGV60/ 60t (green module ST) and HGV30/ 30t (black module ST-B) per m2 with a minimum design life of 60 years.

On Site Detention Tanks

The Rigofill ST stormwater storage system fully complies with extremely robust European Standards and Specifications (CIRIA C680/ EURO Code) and is backed by third party testing accreditation from BBA and DIBt. In Australia, Rigofill ST and ST-B have gone through an extensive evaluation approval process and are now listed on the Melbourne Retail Water Agencies web portal for all stormwater Infiltration; Detention and Harvesting applications.

The system is 100% accessible and inspectable inside the on site detention tanks (OSD tanks) for flushing & camera access purposes to comply with operations and maintenance regulations via an access shaft and an innovative crossed-shaped tunnel giving each module two axial four-dimensional inspection capability on each layer.

The integrated QuadroControl ST/ ST-B shaft system allows for unobstructed access “from above”. Camera dollies can easily be positioned to achieve optimum inspection results inside the OSD tanks.

Underground Stormwater Detention Tanks

A comprehensive range of accessories makes the Rigofill ST/ST-B stormwater storage system a unique complete system for stormwater management.

Wrapped with a geotextile, the Rigofill geocellular units can be used as an underground infiltration, retention or attenuation facility. Wrapping the Rigofill modules with an impermeable membrane creates an underground stormwater detention tank. We will be happy to help you in calculating all the relevant parameters in order to design the best and most economical solution for your project.

Climate change / Climate adaptation

In Australia, we have all witnessed recently, within a short period of time – the devastating effects of the severe drought, followed by the worst bush fire season in our history and most recently the severe flooding in NSW and QLD, as a result of climate change. The experts are predicting more of the same – greater number of heat waves, greater frequency of extreme rainfalls and intensity of heavy rainfalls and more prolonged periods of drought in our lifetime.

Additionally, within our built urban environment, the heat island effect and heat stress in our cities is increasing. Greater surface water runoff is causing localised flooding and stress on the network and our waterways and creeks are getting polluted.

Climate change calls for a shift in our collective mindsets: thankfully we are now seeing greater initiatives such as Resilient Cities, green roofs, permeable surfaces, integrated water management solution, quality stormwater treatment devices tackling the micro pollutants and treatment train stormwater harvesting assets collecting clean water – saving millions of litres annualy.

It is a good start, and we are moving in the right direction, however, there is still so much more to do. FRÄNKISCHE is ready to help you action your climate-adaptive plans on your next green infrastructure project.


For more than 30 years, FRÄNKISCHE have been a market leader in stormwater management solutions; from road and track drainage, treatment modelling, water sensitive urban design, static calculations, OSD tank sizing, construction detail drawings, flow control modelling to installation advice on site – these are just a few of the topics FRÄNKISCHE has in mind when we start supporting your next project.

Product description - Rigofill ST and Rigofill ST-B Installation manual - Rigofill ST / Rigofill ST-B Price catalogue - Drainage Systems Case Study - RigofillST_SediPipeXLplus - Byen, Copenhagen


DWA102 Standard

Fränkische is compliant with the highest German standards for small particle removal.

Our treatment devices can ensure 80% removal of TSS in water.