Easy four step process

To effectively solve the challenges of underground stormwater management, we’ve developed a stormwater system that follows an easy four step process.

Providing Urban Stormwater Management Solutions

We're a family-owned global company providing local solutions for urban stormwater management. People turn to us because they know with over 100 years of experience and 5,000 employees at 22 locations all around the world, we've got the support, knowledge and experience to get the job done right.

Our strong beliefs in efficient energy management and creating a sustainable environment have helped to make us a world leader in stormwater management systems. This means that when we work together on your next project, you can be assured you're working with the world’s best.

Although stormwater management is one area of focus for us, the metal and plastic pipes, shafts and system components that we develop can also be found in household appliances, cars, roads and buildings, as well as our stormwater drainage systems.

For our state of the art stormwater systems, we use recycled plastic. So when you use our products, you're supporting a company that cares about the environment.

When it comes to underground stormwater management, we’re not only leaders, we’re innovators!

  • A family run business spanning generations
  • A market leader in stormwater management across Germany and Europe
  • A complete solution for urban stormwater management
100 Years
5,000 Employees
22 Locations


Shorehaven Primary School, Shorehaven (Western Australia)
Aerial view of the site at Shorehaven Primary School
  • 3,334 Rigofill ST-B Cubes
  • 760 Rigofill ST-B Sidewalls
  • 8 Quadro Shafts ST-B
  • 3,600m2 Geotextile
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DWA102 Standard

Fränkische is compliant with the highest German standards for small particle removal.

Our treatment devices can ensure 80% removal of TSS in water.