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Stormwater management solutions from FRÄNKISCHE

For the past 30 years, FRÄNKISCHE has been delivering innovative stormwater management solutions that comply with the highest European standards, specifications and regulations, set by the Road & Rail Authorities governing all drainage requirements for civil infrastructure projects.

FRÄNKISCHE have developed state of the art Integrated Water Management solutions for stormwater falling on impervious surfaces that cannot drain away naturally. By installing underground treatment systems, for polluted stormwater runoff, we can re-establish the natural water cycle where it is interrupted and returned to its natural sources.

FRÄNKISCHE attaches a great deal of importance to an integrated water management approach. As urbanisation reduces the available land allocation to treat stormwater naturally, we need to find solution that mimic this natural process underground, on a smaller footprint. With its stormwater management systems, FRÄNKISCHE copies the natural cycle in four carefully devised system steps: 1. Transport 2. Treatment 3. Storage and 4. Discharge. This helps to re-establish the natural water cycle in urban areas. Apart from the ecological benefits, this methodology has financial advantages for the developers (creating more space) and the water authorities and or councils that will need to maintain the asset (easy to maintain and operate over the design life of the asset).

With its systems, FRÄNKISCHE offers a complete solution for urban stormwater management, providing perfectly matched components that integrate with Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) design principles, ensuring a reliable and efficient stormwater drainage solution in any terrain. Stormwater management that integrates with our built environment has become a vital part of our landscape when designing green healthy liveable cities.

1 Transport
2 Treatment
3 Storage
4 Discharge
SediSubstrator L – high-efficiency stormwater treatment system


1ML Stormwater Harvesting Tank project update at Edinburgh Gardens (Fitzroy Nth, Victoria)

Case Study Harrislee, B 200 reconstruction – Kupfermühle border crossing