Stormwater Treatment

“German stormwater treatment technology addressing micro pollutants, arrives in Australia.”

FRÄNKISCHE SediPipe - State-of-the-art stormwater treatment technology according to the latest German engineering standards DWA-102-2 guidelines. This guideline defines the stormwater removal of TSS63 from Industrial, commercial, highways and residential applications.

SediPipe’s design function is the retention of the exceptionally fine TSS particles and micro pollutants that have a particle size distribution (PSD) below 63 microns, that carry many relevant pollutants that are bound to these particles. Things like heavy metals (e.g., copper, zinc, lead), PAHs (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons) and CHCs (mineral oil hydrocarbons, 95% particulate bound), and also nutrients such as nitrates and phosphates (over 50% particulate bound) and micro plastic pollutants are all transported by TSS63.


Therefore, at the core of our sedimentation SQID technology, SediPipe’s retention of TSS and especially the very fine TSS63 (< 63µm) is at the "center" and represents the most relevant parameter for the performance of our SediPipe stormwater quality improvement device systems.

This means that if you are treating and removing TSS63 with SediPipe, then you are retaining the majority of pollutants being transported in stormwater!

Through the latest German guideline DWA-A 102-2/BWK-A 3-2 (removal of TSS63 from Industrial, Commercial, Highways and Residential zones), SediPipe has been approved for its treatment removal efficiencies of TSS63.

The DWA-A 102-2/BWK-A 3-2 guideline describes the best possible technology for treating polluted stormwater. It explicitly requires proof of performance (long-term proof) for the treatment systems.

To demonstrate the technology and performance, in relation to these new DWA-A 102-2 standards, FRÄNKISCHE have developed a specific verification and validation testing methodology called "dwell time method". This is a long-term proof, in-situ test validation method is an industry recognised approval process in expert circles in Germany.

Dwell time method:

The dwell time testing methodology has been developed exclusively for sedimentation systems of the type SediPipe by FRÄNKISCHE. Features of the model are the calculation of the dwell time of the water overflowing at time t instead of a steady-state surface charge and the approach of the sedimentation process depending on this dwell time as well as finally a long-term simulation. This model fundamentally takes into account the special flow separator technology of FRÄNKISCHE, which allows an optimized design of the system for the formation of the essential plug flow as well as batch behavior.

The SediPipe treatment removal cleaning performance for TSS63 has already been integrated in the Australian MUSIC nodes, and user guidelines that can be sent to you upon request.

SediPipe with Music nodes approved by Lars Herngren, Director Water Infrastructure Manager, H&H consulting engineers.

Our treatment train philosophy has been optimised for the Australian market and represents the highest level of stormwater treatment performance according to German and European standards:
  • 1st StageBroad Spectrum Pollutant Separator for coarse material 500-100 µm (Collaborative Partner)
  • 2nd StageSediPipe L for the capture of the bound contaminants being transported by the PDS of TSS63 (100 - <63 µm the most relevant purification stage)
  • 3rd StageAdvanced Biofiltration Technology for dissolved substances (Collaborative Partner)

Stormwater Treatment-Train

polluted stormwater (from paved surfaces)
Broad Spectrum Pollutant Separator 500-100 µm;
for coarse pollutants
TSS63 (100 - <63 µm);
for the exceptionally fine bound pollutants, total suspended solids. Critical treatment purification stage
Advanced Biofiltration Technology;
final polishing stage for dissolved substances

treated stormwater into Rigofill ST/ST-B Harvesting system with overflow to water body

Installation and maintenance manual Distribution pipe system Installation and maintenance manual Distribution shaft Product flyer - SediPipe Installation & maintenance manual - SediPipe Product brochure - Distribution Shaft The New German Stormwater Treatment Standards DWA 102-2 Verification Procedures Case Study - Nievenheim-Ost A57
SediPipe L Sedi Pipe L plus Rigofill ST Rigofill ST-B


DWA102 Standard

Fränkische is compliant with the highest German standards for small particle removal.

Our treatment devices can ensure 80% removal of TSS in water.