Shorehaven Primary School

Project: Shorehaven Primary
Project Location: Shorehaven
Customer: TRACC Civil

Hydra Storm was engaged be TRACC Civil to design and supply an alternative infiltration solution for one of their upcoming projects.

With support from our business partners at FRÄNKISCHE, we were able to design an up-spec infiltration solution.

The result was a four tank system, offering a total net volume of 1.3million litres, each fitted with two Quadro Controls shafts to enable future inspection and maintenance across the lifetime of the tanks.

  • 3,334 Rigofill ST-B Cubes
  • 760 Rigofill ST-B Sidewalls
  • 8 Quadro Shafts ST-B
  • 3,600m2 Geotextile
Facts & Numbers
  • Tank 1 - L: 24m x W: 9.6m x H: 1.32m
    Gross Volume: 304.13m3, Net Volume: 291.96m3
  • Tank 2 - L: 30.4m x W: 8m x H: 1.32m
    Gross Volume: 321.02m3, Net Volume: 308.18m3
  • Tank 3 - L: 30.4m x W: 8m x H: 1.32m
    Gross Volume: 321.02m3, Net Volume: 291.96m3
  • Tank 4 - L: 29.6m x W: 12m x H: 1.32m
    Gross Volume: 468.86.13m3, Net Volume: 450.11m3
  • Total footprint 1,072m2

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