Arndell Park 2ML SW Harvesting Scheme @ Greening the Pipeline

Arndell Park 2ML SW Harvesting Scheme @ Greening the Pipeline

To serve the growing population in Melbourne’s west, the heritage listed Main Outfall Sewer (MOS) pipeline reserve will be transformed into a parkland. The vision is to create a vibrant space that will connect communities, enhance active transport options for the region, manage water sensitivity and provide a unique space to meet, play and relax.

This SML_Arndell_Park_stormwater_Harvesting_Scheme will reuse approximately 22ML of stormwater per year for irrigating parklands & greening the pipeline corridor, to create a vibrant green space for communities to reconnect: – this stormwater harvesting scheme has been delivered through an amazing collaborative partnership group of Wyndham City Council, Greater Western Water, Melbourne Water, DELWP, VicRoads & Greening the West.

Frankische are delighted to be a collaborative partner on this 2ML Stormwater Harvesting Scheme by supporting the design through to implementation stages on this project. The Rigofill ST-B storage system was a perfect fit for the MOS channel – delivering 3m3 of stormwater storage every lineal metre.


  • 3,682 Rigofill ST-B Full
  • 20 x QC Access Shafts
  • 2ML Vnet Storage
  • 30t HGV load rated
Facts & Numbers
  • Tank 1 (L/W/H) - 240m x 2.4m x 1.32m
  • Tank 2 (L/W/H) - 253.6m x 2.4m x 1.32m
  • Tank 1 (L/W/H) - Vnet Storage - 1,502m³ + 500m³
  • Client/Builder
    Wyndham City Council
  • Planning
    Storm Consulting
  • Construction Company
    Fortunato Group

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Arndell Park 2ML SW Harvesting Scheme @ Greening the Pipeline
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