Whittlesea Aged Care

Whittlesea Aged care 350m3 OSD Tank with 40t

Due to the High Loads and minimum cover levels, Rigofill ST (60t HGV Loads) was approved for this project by Whittlesea Council

Rigofill ST (60t HGV Loads) 50 year design life; fully inspectable and maintainable

Through Fränkische Technical Design team and in collaboration with the main contractor, we gain the necessary approval, through the council, to install our Rigofill ST (60t HGV Loads) geocellular block system as an engineered alternative solution to the designed concrete OSD chamber.

The challenges on this project were the minimal drainage falls across the site, to the legal point of discharge throttle device. These minimal fall had a kick on effect when designing the minimum cover levels to handle the 40t semi-trailer truck loads and the tank sizing to handle the volume requirements within a reduced footprint.

This is why the storage system used was the 1.5 layer Rigofill ST (60t HGV loads) geocellular system, that has a 96% void structure and we were able to store the required volume with a tank size of (L/W/H): 43.2m 8m x 1.01m.

For easy operations and maintenance, the 350kl tank has been fitted 4 x quadro control access shafts for inspection and flushing purposes, when required.

The construction company only took 1 days to install the Rigofill ST light-weight modular blocks. For the total installation, including the waterproofing, pre-treatment, pipe connections and backfill and compaction – this was done in under a week. We remember it well, as the tank was completed the day before Victoria went into the first hard lockdown, due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Both the builder and the civil plumbing contractor were totally convinced by the 4th generation technologies, strength, engineering, speed of construction, inspection access locations and the Fränkische technical design support throughout the entire installation and approval process.

  • 36 Rigofill ST Full Block
  • 36 Rigofill ST Half Block
  • 4 x Quadro Control
  • Access Shafts
Facts & Numbers
  • 350kl OSD Tank
  • System Size: 43.2m x 8m x 1.01m
  • Construction Period 1 weeks
  • Client/Customer:
    Whittlesea Shire Council
  • Consultant:
    Streamline Designs
  • Construction Company:
    Orion Builders

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