Wheatsheaf Community Hub

Wheatsheaf Community Hub Combined Retention Tanks

Rigofill ST-B (30t HGV Loads) was approved for this project by Moreland City Council

Arguably the Largest Certified Passive House Living Building in the Southern Hemisphere

The City of Moreland have ambitiously set out to create one of the largest certified passive house buildings in the Southern Hemisphere, as well as targeting Living Building Challenge certification – both of which are recognised as some of the most stringent and difficult sustainable design standards in the world.

In addition, the stormwater management systems have been designed to meet or exceed best management environmental practices, which required creative solutions to manage pre-existing site risks associated with overland flow paths and flooding.

This is why the Fraenkische Rigofill ST-B (30t HGV loads) storage systems were selected for this project. As it has a superior strength, a much higher 96% void structure (store greater volumes on a smaller footprint)and has the ability to be inspected and flushed through the Quadro Control Access shafts strategically positions.

The two tanks that have been positioned under the car park, were able to store the required volume with the following tank sizes:
RainWater Harvesting Tank (L/W/H): 18.4m x 10.4m x 0.66m – Net Volume – 121.2KL, on a footprint of 191.36m2.
OSD Tank (L/W/H): 12.8m x 7.2m x 0.66m – Net Volume – 58.4KL, on a footprint of 92.16m2.

For easy operations and maintenance, the two tanks have been fitted with 4 x Quadro Control Access shafts for inspection and flushing purposes, when required.

The construction company only took 2 days to install the Rigofill ST-B light-weight modular blocks. For the total installation, including the waterproofing, pre-treatment, pipe connections and backfill and compaction – this was done in one week.

  • 439 Rigofill ST-B Full Block
  • RWT - 121.2KL Storage Tankfill ST Half Block
  • OSD - 58.4mKL Storage Tank
  • 4 x QC Access Shafts
Facts & Numbers
  • 179.6KL RWHarvesting + OSD Tank
  • RWH Tank Size: 18.4m x 10.4m x 0.66m
  • OSD Tank Size: 12.8m x 7.2m x 0.66m
  • Client/Customer:
    Moreland City Council
  • Consultant:
  • Construction Company:
    Building Engineering

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