RailPipe Scarborough Rd Outfall

RailPipe DN600 Installed at Scarborough Rd Outfall

RailPipe SN16 Corrugated TwinWall Piped Specifed to replace costly drop shafts down a 15% gradient hill

DN600 SN16 RailPipe replaces conventional drop shaft outfall design

Fränkische’s SN16 RailPipe DN600 has been installed on a particularly important outfall drainage requirement, with Geelong City Council, on a very steep slope.

By utilizing the superior strength and durability of RailPipe, the consultants (Spiire) were able to remove the requirement of drop shafts, down the 15% gradient hill to Port Philip Bay, saving the council time and money. (inset picture of the drop shaft arrangement) and then (insert picture of the RailPipe solution)

Council based on the velocity design requirements of 10m/s, with a dedign flow of 1.9cumsec. These flows were handled easily by installing 2 x DN600 RailPipes side by side, anchored off periodically with concrete collars.

The installation was carried out by the councils civil drainage works team, within a 2 week period…

  • 164m
  • RailPipe SN16
  • DN600
  • 100 year desing life
Facts & Numbers
  • SN16 RailPipe DN600
  • Velocity 10m/s
  • Construction Period 2 weeks
  • Client/Customer:
    Geelong City Council
  • Consultant:
    Spiire Consultants
  • Construction Company:
    Geelong City Council

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