RailPipe Scarborough Rd Outfall

RailPipe DN600 Installed at Scarborough Rd Outfall

RailPipe SN16 Corrugated TwinWall Piped Specifed to replace costly drop shafts down a 15% gradient hill

DN600 SN16 RailPipe replaces conventional drop shaft outfall design

Fränkische’s SN16 RailPipe DN600 has been installed on a particularly important outfall drainage requirement, with Geelong City Council, on a very steep slope.

By utilizing the superior strength and durability of RailPipe, the consultants (Spiire) were able to remove the requirement of drop shafts, down the 15% gradient hill to Port Philip Bay, saving the council time and money.

Council based on the velocity design requirements of 10m/s, with a design flow of 1.9cumsec. These flows were handled easily by installing 2 x DN600 RailPipes side by side, anchored off periodically with concrete collars.

The installation was carried out by the councils civil drainage works team, within a 2 week period.

  • 164m
  • RailPipe SN16
  • DN600
  • 100 year design life
Facts & Numbers
  • SN16 RailPipe DN600
  • Velocity 10m/s
  • Construction Period 2 weeks
  • Client/Customer:
    Geelong City Council
  • Consultant:
    Spiire Consultants
  • Construction Company:
    Geelong City Council

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