Edinburgh Gardens 1 ML Tank

Edinburgh Gardens 1ML Stormwater Harvesting System

Up to 24 million litres of stormwater will be captured and reused by this scheme each year.

Rigofill ST-B (40t HGV Loads) 50 year design life; fully inspectable and maintainable

Due to existing infrastructure (mains water, gas and an old brick stormwater channel), the original 1365m2 designed footprint to store the 1 million litres tank needed to be reduced significantly.

By using the Fränkische Rigofill ST-B (40t HGV loads) geocellular system, that has a 96% void structure and can store 406 litres per block, we were able to deliver the same storage capacity on a reduced 816m2 footprint, saving the contractor approx 1526m3 of landfill charges for this excavated material.

Through City West Water’s stormwater harvesting funding scheme, Yarra City Council upgraded the existing Edinburgh Gardens system to a 1ML stormwater Harvesting system, using the Rigofill ST-B system. The collected stormwater from the catchment area runs through a treatment train approach, with a primary GPT handling the gross pollutants and then a secondary 695m2 Rain Garden to handle the TSS, TP, TN and other contaminants before being discharged into the 1ML storage system.

This kind of treatment train approach really reduces the ongoing operations and maintenance on the 1ML tank, as the gross pollutants and finer material are being captured upstream and only good quality stormwater is entering the tank. This kind of treatment approach has meant that we only needed to provide 2 x quadro control access shafts for inspection and flushing purposes, within the tank, as the majority of gross pollutants, TSS and other micro pollutants are being addressed with the treatment train GPT and the Rain Garden.


  • 2548 Rigofill ST-B
  • full blocks
  • 2 Quadro Control ST-B
  • Access shafts
Facts & Numbers
  • IPWEA Engineering Excellence Award in Public Works
  • 1 ML Stormwater Harvesting Tank
  • System size - 17.6m x 46.4m x 1.98
  • Construction Period 6 weeks
  • Client/Customer:
    Yarra City Council & City West Water
  • Consultant:
    Engeny Consultants
  • Construction Company:

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