Dempster Park 1.3ML Tank

Dempster Park 1.2ML SW Harvesting Tank

Rigofill ST/ST-B Underground Storage Systems have been approved and listed on the MRWA web portal for all storage applications.

Dempster Park 1.3ML Stormwater Harvesting Scheme – Creating an Urban Green Oasis

Sunshine North’s Dempster Oasis Park Stormwater Harvesting Scheme has been fully commissioned and is now operational.

The project has been led by Brimbank City Council in partnership with Greater Western Water, Melbourne Water, Department of Environment, Water, Land and Planning (DELWP) and is supported by the Greening the West initiative.

The project received funding from DELWP, MW and from GWW SWH Partnering Fund in 2020. Costing over $2M to design and construct, the project aims to deliver over 11-million litres per year of harvested stormwater to irrigate the community sporting reserve and surrounding open spaces as part of a state government initiative to substitute drinking water and keeping our urban parklands green all year round.

The Dempster Oasis Park project is designed to cool and green the surrounding area for residents and community which is fundamental for urban cooling and to mitigate a changing climate and supports thriving communities, now and into the future.

The scheme features additional technology aimed at improving the reliability of supply and treatment of harvested stormwater including:

This is one of many innovative and collaborative stormwater projects funded by Greater Western Water’s Partnership Fund, to provide water for Greening the West initiative.

  • 3075 Rigofill ST-B Full Blocks
  • 4 x QC Access Shafts for inspection
  • 1.25ML Vnet Storage
  • 30t HGV load rated
Facts & Numbers
  • Tank size (L/W/H) - 39.2m x 16.8m x 1.98m
  • Footprint - 658.56m2
  • Client/Customer:
    Brimbank City Council
  • Consultant:
    Storm Constulting
  • Construction Company:
    Armstrong Construction

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